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The Time for Your Spring Landscaping Evaluation Is Here!

Time for your spring landscape assessment! First of all, hopefully you have completed your  landscaping maintenance check list and are ready to assess the damage from Winter 2017. When we take that first early spring walk through our home gardens, we are often concerned and sometimes disappointed. Our grass may appear rich, green, and in […]

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Shreckhise Landscape & Design is proud to announce a rebrand! Check out our new name and look.

Landscape Gravel vs. Natural Mulch

What Are The Advantages of Landscape Gravel vs. Natural Mulch? Many customers inquire about mulching their shrubbery beds with landscape gravel instead of mulch in an effort to eliminate annual mulching.  It is correct that once gravel is installed, it can last for a decade or more.  Gravel can control weed growth, make mowing easier, and […]

Now is not the time…..

This time of year our customers often ask if it is a good time to trim their shrubbery.  After a fantastic growing season, many shrubs have “above normal” new growth and homeowners worry about their plants becoming too big.  Although this is true, there is really little additional growth after the middle of July (most […]

Pesky Weed Control

Frequently, we run into homeowners who are frustrated in staying ahead of weeds germinating in their landscaping beds.  Because of this year’s great growing season with above average rainfall, like turf, weeds grow faster than ever.  Many homeowners try to combat this by hand pulling weeds out of the mulch beds.  Often this is anti-productive […]

Do I continue to water after all of the rain?

and the answer is….YES!  With all the rain it may seem like watering is wasteful and unnecessary.  Yet, when the sun shines and the wind blows – plants, especially new plantings, dry out quickly.  The rule of thumb:  new plants should be watered twice weekly under normal summer conditions.  Evergreen plants typically require lesser amounts of […]

Water Warning

It is time to start watering your landscape!  Plants use twice as much water at 80 degrees as 70 degrees and four times as much water at 90 degrees as 70 degrees.  Newly planted shade trees (planted within the last year) will show minor signs of stress like scorched leaf margins.  This is normal for […]

If You Missed the Fall Clean Up

If you did  not get around to your fall landscaping clean up, then February into March is a great time to complete that task.  Removing the leaves that seem to collect in unsightly areas, trimming roses, hydrangeas, butterfly bushes, etc.  can be accomplished now.  I was able to tackle this project last week – blew leaves on […]

Fall/Winter Watering

Generally speaking, you can stop watering at the same time deciduous trees begin dropping their leaves – usually mid-October in our area. When the daily high temperatures are less than 70 degrees most plants begin to become dormant in preparation for the winter season. Normally supplemental watering is not needed after this point. There is […]

Pruning Summer Flowering Plants

Most hydrangeas, roses, grasses, butterfly bushes and other summer blooming plants can be pruned any time after they become dormant. This requires a (hard) freeze with temps in the lower 20’s. There is no rush to do this. Some folks like to see the dormant flower heads throughout the winter. The real deadline for pruning […]

Fall Clean Up

Fall is a great time to blow leaves away from your shrubbery and flower beds into your grass and to mow your lawn one last time.   This will give you a head start next year.  By early spring, turf has already grown an inch or more by the time it turns green.  If you […]

Fall Planting

Fall is a great season to plant shade trees. Mid October is also the time you can stop watering your shrubbery. You will be delighted to give up that duty for a while. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your landscaping,the beautiful fall weather and the cooler temperatures. Contemplate how beautiful your yard will look next […]

Fall Arborvitae Questions

Many of you are calling in about the appearance of brown needles on your arborvitae.  Some folks fear this is a sign that the plant is dying.  Rest assured that the arborvitae is simply shedding its needles.   All evergreens go through this process at some point during the growing year.  The critical factor for […]