Our Process Design Delivers Creative And Efficient Landscaping.

Over the course of our 70-year history of providing high quality landscaping services in the Valley, we’ve consistently streamlined and refined our landscape design and installation process.

  • Step 2: On-Site Consultation

    Jim or Trent Shreckhise will schedule a convenient time for a 1-2 hour on-site visit to your property. During this visit, they will talk with you and walk around your property. They love to get to know you and to hear your thoughts, ideas, dreams, and concerns.

  • Step 3: Custom Landscape Design

    During this stage, Jim and Trent create and illustrate a proposal for your new custom landscape design. Your design outlines may be subject to small changes at your request. The proposal shows the number of plants, their price, and their location in the plan deign. It gives you an overall picture of the design and installation plan.

  • Step 4: Nursery Visit

    Shreckhise Landscape & Design maintains a large inventory of high quality, unusual plant material in larger but practical sizes. During the nursery visit, you walk the nursery with Jim or Trent to review the plants featured in the design. The nursery is stocked with common, unusual and native plants that we feel comfortable recommending in the Valley’s climate. Jim and Trent always provide practical plant recommendations from both an economic and stylistic point of view.

  • Step 5: Installation

    On the morning of your scheduled installation, Jim and Trent personally select the plant material from our 7-acre nursery. This dynamic process involves last minute customizations and requires an extra level of expertise. Landscape installation goes far beyond choosing and placing your plants. We attend to grading and amending the soil, addressing problem areas, and making on-the-spot decisions for ideal plant placement. Our trained and experienced installation team takes extra precautions to ensure that our equipment does not disrupt your property and existing landscape.

After Installation: Maintenance & Follow Up

If a client encounters a problem or concern with something installed by Shreckhise Landscape & Design, we respond quickly to resolve the issue. We want to make sure our landscaping installation meets your expectations. We also offer annual maintenance services, for previous landscaping customers in Harrisonburg and the Valley and tips on how to properly take care of a new landscape.

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