Becky Shreckhise

Becky serves as the business manager. She began tackling those duties – (something she had originally said “I will never do”) – 21 years ago when Jim took over ownership from his parents. Computers were becoming very popular and the thought of getting the books computerized was very intriguing and challenging. She recognized Jim needed the support and help of someone truly committed to him and the business, so we say the rest is history! Thanks to some courses at Blue Ridge Community College and excellent technical support – this JMU Vocal/Music Education Major forged ahead! Her kids were going to computer labs in school and she was determined to keep up with them – at least initially! You will find her at her “shrubbery” desk most days. And yes – when you call Jim Shreckhise, you do get Jim Shreckhise and now Trent, but you will likely talk to Becky first. She might not have as green of a thumb as Jim, but will strive to find the answers to your questions and definitely get you connected to Jim and Trent. She is especially excited that Trent is joining the business and very excited about helping to support both Jim and Trent during this transition.

She loves cooking, testing new recipes, reading and simple quilting projects. Along with Jim, she enjoys attending ballroom/social dancing classes. She recently retired as the Music Director at Staunton Alliance Church. She enjoys singing and most things musical. Becky has been married to Jim for 40 plus years – they were high school sweethearts! She is Mom/Mom-in-law to Brandon and his wife, Jennifer; daughter Maggie and husband Chad Wilkins; and of course Trent. These days, her proudest role is “Granny” and her most favorite activity is playing with grandson, Emmett and granddaughter, Vivian.

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