Shreckhise Landscape & Design Nursery Offers A Large Inventory Of High Quality and Unusual Plants.

Jim and Trent Shreckhise set a high standard for the quality and durability of plants in the nursery. We procure plants from many parts of the continental U.S. We then repot to a larger size or transplant to a nursery bed where plants are allowed to grow for up to three years in order to reach a more ideal size. By doing this, plants are acclimated to the Valley and a more extensive root system is produced. We believe that successful transplanting is critically important and reflects on our reputation.

plants in nursery

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Trust Jim And Trent Shreckhise To Stock Plants That Thrive In The Valley’s Climate.

Understanding which plants thrive in the Valley’s testy and ever-changing climate requires expertise, attention to detail, and history as a grower. While our inventory is stocked with plants that are native to the region, we also feature an extensive collection of unique specimen plants. We carry plants that can block negative views and clutter and encourage the eye to focus on positive features. Visit our gallery for views of our nursery and examples of our work.

Beautiful Landscapes Are Created With Strong, Healthy Plants.

Plants are cared for at Shreckhise Landscape & Design until they are acclimated and strong enough for your hard. Once plants arrive at our nursery they are typically “stepped up” to larger pots, pruned, fertilizer, and pruned a second time before being used in a landscape project. Strong, healthy plants are the cornerstone of beautiful landscapes.

Make An Appointment To View Our Nursery Inventory With An Expert.

Most people visit the nursery to make final decisions about landscape designs. We recommend that Harrisonburg and Valley residents call to make a special appointment if you want to browse our nursery inventory with an expert!

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