Jim Shreckhise

When Jim was 5 years old, his father would pick him up from kindergarten and take him to one of his landscaping projects. Upon completion, his dad paid him a quarter for all his hard work, making him feel like a real member of the landscaping crew. At an early age, Jim was taught to plan, work, and persevere. He entered Virginia Tech not knowing how he would use his Horticulture degree. Interestingly, he had decided not to be a part of the landscaping business – he was sure there was an easier way to make a living. After several other pursuits, he realized he loved being outside and really enjoyed physical work where he could see tangible, visible results. He made the logical decision to join his dad in business. Jim was thrilled in 2014 when Trent also chose to return to the family business.

Jim  enjoys his employees, loves working with his clients, and is very satisfied when he is asked to landscape a second and sometimes a third home for his many customers – making retirement a challenge. He loves seeing an excited, appreciative customer after one of his custom designs has been installed. He continues to use his education and his over 50 years of experience in the landscaping business in his design work with his customers. His goal is always to make their homes better and more beautiful because of what his company can provided in design and service. In his free time, he enjoys ballroom & social dancing with his wife, Becky, traveling, and spending time with his three children, their spouses, and his six grandchildren.

Check Out Jim's grandson James "Emmett" Shreckhise getting ready to take over the family business from his Uncle Trent Someday!