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We Cherish Our Deeply Rooted Relationships.

For the team at Shreckhise Landscape & Design, landscaping is more than just plants—it’s a way of life. Our third-generation family-owned business has deep roots in the Shenandoah Valley, where we have built long-term relationships with customers. Our customers are important to us and we provide great care and attention to every landscape project.

A Brand Video To Reflect Our Values.

To show how much heart and soul we pour into our landscaping, we put together this brand video. We hope it provides you with a glimpse of what makes our work special! Note: a transcript is available below for your convenience.

Trent Shreckhise: Our mission at Shreckhise Landscaping and Design is to treat each customer like you want to be treated yourself. I want to take a client from feeling burdened or worrisome about their property to feeling pleasure, feeling joy when they pull in their driveway and they see their home.

Jim Shreckhise: My dad had a small, modest business. I worked in it, learned a lot there. Now I’m here and my son Trent’s here along with me.

Trent Shreckhise: I had a passion for plants and it probably came from my father and grandfather, so the business has grown from a little bit of a mom and pop to a much bigger operation to try to match the valley’s growth.
Trenton Campbell: We provide anywhere from shrubs to trees, fertilizer to insecticides, gravel, rock, slate, mulch, dirt, and then of course installation.

Trent Shreckhise: We walk you through the whole process. We’re there for initial consultation and we’re there for the design. We’re there for the installation, we’re there for the follow-up to the installation and even the service that you may need years after that installation.

Robert Kuhn: I have enjoyed working with Jim and Trent more than any vendor I’ve dealt with and I’ve had a lot of work done on this house and then building the new big house up on the hill. I’ve never dealt with anybody that’s as professional.

Erica Taylor: I think Shreckhise’s personal touch is valuable to our customers because we do listen to their wants and their needs. Communication is so important. The end result is very pleased customers.

Michael: The nursery itself, it’s just a great place to visit. The variety of what’s there is really truly amazing and it really gives you an idea of what might be, and you start the imagination of how that’s going to look on your particular landscape at your particular home.

Shaena Rogers: I think just all the visual aspects Trent provides helped me a ton. After coming and doing the onsite visit and walking around to look at everything with us, he takes all of his copious notes and then he goes home and he puts it all on a plan so I could see where the things he suggested were going to go.

Scott Rogers: I have recommended Shreckhise to many of my friends, and neighbors and folks that I know in this community.

Michael: I would recommend Trent and Jim to anybody and everybody.

Robert Kuhn: They are very honest, very truthful, and very reliable. The kind of people you want to deal with if you want the best.

Trent Shreckhise: With us here at Shreckhise Landscape and Design, we want to have long-term relationships. Not necessarily just a one-and-done, come landscape your house or plant a few trees, but to be there for you down the road to be able to answer your questions and give you great service throughout your life at your home.

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