Our Nursery Is The Heart Of Shreckhise Landscape & Design

At Shreckhise Landscape & Design, we understand the importance of transparency and trust in every landscaping project. Our nursery, located in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley, is what sets us apart and exemplifies our commitment to excellence.

Our Nursery Nurtures Plants That Thrive In The Valley.

Seeing is believing; that’s why we invite all our customers to visit our seven-acre nursery to view our plants in person. When we sell a plant, we’ve had it on hand and thriving at our nursery through multiple seasons. Each species is acclimated to Virginia’s climate to ensure the best results when we place them in your yard. Our team is always on hand to help you select the perfect plants, ensuring your landscape flourishes year-round!

Seeing The Plants & Species In Person Benefits Your Landscaping Project.

Visiting our nursery, either on a drop-in basis or with a personal appointment, allows you to handpick your plants and observe their characteristics firsthand. When possible, we always recommend making selections in person so you know exactly what you’re getting. We’re happy to pair you with a landscaping expert on your visit to answer all your questions as you shop for the ultimate personal touch.

Make An Appointment To Visit Our Nursery Alongside An Expert.

Most people visit the nursery to make final decisions about landscape designs. We recommend that Harrisonburg and Valley residents call to make a special appointment with an expert to browse our nursery inventory together. See for yourself and hear from recent customers in the video below about how our nursery experience exemplifies the quality and trust we deliver in every project, then stop by!

Note: a transcript is available below for your convenience.

Trent Shreckhise: We always invite people to come to see the plants. It gives us a lot of credibility when people come here and see the plants in person. You know, it’s seven acres here, that makes it quite a tool for us to use.

Jim Shreckhise: When we sell a plant, we’ve got it on hand now. They are already here and growing and have often been here six months or a year before we even use them. It makes our plants more acclimated to
the area, so they’re used to the weather — they’re used to the cold, they’re used to the heat.

Trent Shreckhise: On paper and in pictures, you’re not sure whether you’re getting a three-gallon plant or whether you’re getting a 10-gallon or a balled and burlap. So, our nursery gives us a lot of credibility from the

Jim Shreckhise: It’s always great when a customer can see – “That’s exactly what I’m getting.”

Brandon Whitesell: Trent is very easy to work with. He brought me to the nursery, and we were able to handpick certain species. He came
through and brought everything to us and had everything planned within a day.

Brandon Whitesell: All in all, the experience that I had working with Trent, I’d recommend it to anybody.

Trent Shreckhise: With Shreckhise Landscape & Design, you’re going to have somebody you can trust. You’re going to have somebody with knowledge and experience and somebody that takes pride in their work.

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